Paroles de la chanson Confessions nocturnes par Diam’s

Words of VITAA



Nocturnal Confessions lyrics by Diam’s

[Diam’s] Yeah who’s that?

[Vitaa] Mel, it’s Vi open me up

[Diam’s] How are you, Vi? You look weird. What’s the matter?

[Vitaa] No, it’s not okay.

[Diam’s] Well tell me, what is it?

[Vitaa] Mel, sit down I need to talk to you, I spent my day in the dark,

Mel, I feel it, I know it, I am, he doesn’t care about me…

[Diam’s] But Vi stop, you know your man loves you, your man told me

You know Melanie, Vi is a queen and I could die for her

You mustn’t panic I swear to you, your guy assures, your guy assumes Vi yeah

Your guy is pure, he’s not cheating on you, I’m sure

[Vitaa] No, but you don’t know, I’ve been smelling her for two months

[Diam’s] What?

[Vitaa] That she leaves messages every quarter of an hour,

[Diam’s] But no

[Vitaa] I infiltrated his answering machine, my boyfriend is banging another woman yeah!

[Diam’s] But what do you know about her? Do you have formal proof?

[Vitaa] Her name is Andy, girl of the night, she has a guy who lives in Saint-Denis

I’m not done, I saw them together on Tuesday

and I’m sure he’s right there with her, I even have the address of the hotel!

[Diam’s] I was off the mark, I thought your guy was intact me.

No weird stuff, no flirting, no bitches

I thought your guy was apart, that he was talking about marriage and apart

Take your bag, the address of their date

Come, let’s see them, come!

[Vitaa] I don’t believe

[Diam’s] Calm down Vi it’s going to be fine

[Vitaa] I can’t, you know I’m scared

[Diam’s] Park there go there park there

[Vitaa] I don’t know if I assume to see him with her

[Diam’s] Ok, stay discreet, give me the jack, the tear gas canister,

Vi, gimme a key, gimme her plate so I can scratch her BM,

that I burst his BM, that I bleed it as he hurts you his BM,

if you only knew how much I hate

[Vitaa] I don’t believe, I can’t, you know I’m scared

[Diam’s] Come on, let’s go up. Come on, get out of the car, come on

[Vitaa] I don’t know if I assume to see him with her

[Diam’s] But if

[Vitaa] Don’t believe

[Diam’s] I’m going to ask, it’s room 203

[Vitaa] That I don’t want

[Diam’s] But if we go up

[Vitaa] I won’t make it

[Diam’s] Ok, it’s on the second floor

[Vitaa] I don’t know if I assume to see him with her

[Diam’s] Go ahead type

[guy] Yeah two seconds, I’m coming

[Vitaa] What the hell are you doing! I thought you were at your father’s, but you’re kidding me!

I was always straight and I lived for you, I trusted you,

I could die for you and you dare to fuck this female dog!

[Péto] But calm down darling, calm down

[Andy] What’s up baby? But who is she?

[Diam’s] But shut your mouth! And if you want to talk please get dressed!

Frankly you have no honor, you are not ashamed of yourself?

Take your thong and break off!

Girls like you don’t deserve more than a bit of sidewalk!

[The guy] Melanie, stop

[Diam’s] But shut your mouth too!

Look at you, you’re fucking calcified, you’re doing the miskine,

but you just broke my friend.

Oh ! You’re not a man, you’re just a victim

You have a problem with your underpants or what?

Damn come on Vitaa we’re out of here! Come come.

[Vitaa] I don’t believe

[Diam’s] Stop crying please

[Vitaa] I can’t

[Diam’s] Come on, let’s go in the car, come on

[Vitaa] You know, I’m scared

[Diam’s] Get in the car, come

[Vitaa] I don’t know if I assume to see him with her

No, but I’m dreaming Mel!

I didn’t see him with her, and it wasn’t her BM, no it wasn’t this hotel!

[Diam’s] No, no, you’re not dreaming, your guy was fine over there, Vitaa

It was his job, it was him room 203 Vitaa,

it was your guy in the arms of a little bitch

Keep it, keep it cool, that bastard is nothing without you!

Well yeah life is a bitch, when you decided to be straight

Maybe you had to go through it, back to square one

Look at me, after the tragedies I experienced, I no longer believed in it

And then love fell on me, I live absolute happiness,

I couldn’t believe it, I was the most cuckolded woman in Paris,

My ex was a drug dealer, I thought he was in the social

Trust me, you know what it’s like to feel betrayed,

When your husband jumped all the michetonnaises in Paris

Look at me today, I almost have the ring on my finger

So after all that please Vitaa, don’t despair

[Vitaa] But what do you know? Can you tell me what your guy does and where?

[Diam’s] Stop Vi

[Vitaa] What he does with his nights and when you’re not there?

And in whose arms does he run to stifle his sins when you’re with me?

Are you sure he’s faithful? Yeah

[Diam’s] Yes!

[Vitaa] Have you checked his emails?

[Diam’s] No, no

[Vitaa] Searched his MSN?

[Diam’s] No, I’m not like that

[Vitaa] Picked up his messages?

Questioned his mother when she says he’s at her house and he that he’s at his brother’s?

If you are sure of yourself

[Diam’s] Well what? What ?

[Vitaa] So take your phone listen to its answering machine and you’ll see

[Diam’s] Listen, you’re tired, you’re hating, stop, please, stop!

[Vitaa] I will do it for you

[Diam’s] Stop, hang up, hang up!

[Vitaa] I got your guy’s number

[Diam’s] But hang up, I’m fucking telling you!

[Vitaa] I’ll do it for you, I’ll do it for you!


You are on my answering machine, leave me a message thank you

“Please enter your secret code and end with a pound sign”

You have two new messages

New message received yesterday at 10:51 p.m.:

Yeah Peto it’s So… beep

New message received yesterday at 11:28 p.m.:

Yeah baby it’s me, it’s been an hour and I already miss you,

Roll on tomorrow, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, kisses.

[Diam’s] It’s good, have you calmed down there?!

[Vitaa] Mel,

[Diam’s] What else?

[Vitaa] Get ready, I need to talk to you

[Diam’s] What?

[Vitaa] You will spend your days in the dark,

Mel, I know it, I feel it, I’m sure, he doesn’t care about you…

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